Modular Rainwater Collection System
This installation argues the importance of collective effort in the maintenance of life.

The Cloud Net is an installation composed of interlocking fabric components hold a layer of synthetic mesh that is capable of collecting water particles from the surrounding air. Two mesh components can be layered together in order to double as a vessel for growing certain plants. For communities facing harsh climates to communal gardens in highly populated cities, the Cloud Net installation offers another way for people to sustain the resources they need in a way that doesn’t put pressure on current infrastructure or the environment.


Left (dark blue):
Large frame
Large fog net

Right (light blue):
Small frame
Small fog net

Seed package


1. Attach the fog nets to the corresponding frames with a water resistant adhesive.
Apply the adhesive to the inner edges of the frame.

2. Place seed package on top of large frame
Make sure the side of the frame with adhesive is facing down. 

3. With the adhesive side facing down, place the small frame over the larger one. Then connect both pieces via the loop ends by pinching the ends of the larger frame and inserting them through the loops of the smaller frame.