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Acanthaster Luminous
What if our objects could reciprocate engagement?

The Intelligent Objects series began in response to how in our daily lives, we encounter so much technology that fails to engage with us on a human level. From this exploration emerged the Acanthaster Luminous and Cirroteuthis Luminous lights. Each light fosters a unique relationship with humans, bringing to life new forms of communication. The electronics and circuitry form an adaptable system, a brain capable of continuous expansion.

By instilling objects with a sense of intelligence, we challenge our perception of disposability. If our objects become alive, we must learn to repair and sustain them, rather than simply replacing and discarding them. This requires a collaborative effort between humans and intelligent lights.

The brightness of this light is controlled by gyroscope sensors in its legs. As the legs are bent upwards, the lights become brighter. The light has evolved barbed legs, a measure of defense that creates a tension between it and the human. Both must work together to form a symbiotic relationship.